Thursday, 31 December 2009

::xmas time in the city::

We went to the city to look at the Myers Christmas Windows.  This year the theme was Olivia the Pig.  I don't think that they were as good as last year but the girls loved them.  We also went to the Casino to watch the light show.  It was lovely and the girls were mesmerized by it all.  We ended the day the 'The Pub' in the casino for dinner and a drink.  It was a great day out.

We also went to Tiffanys to spend some money that my dear Dad had given me for my birthday before he passed away.  I wanted to get something special and I am really happy with what I chose!!!!!!!!!
Eryn and Kelsi both loved Tiffanys too and have already picked out a piece that they want.  Their dad is not to sure :-)

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