Saturday, 30 January 2010

:run run run:

It was an early start this morning as the girls have  joined little athletics (not sure starting in 37'C was the way to go lucky it starts at 8.30am) and boy did they do a GREAT  job for their first meeting....
It was full on and I really don't think these little legs could go any faster...
Kelsi's events were
60m hurdles
and Eryn's events were
60m hurdles
high jump
I must say that 400m is a LONG way to run for little people but the girls both finished well..

I love to see this huge smile on Kelis's face as she is sooooo into the whole little aths thing.  She has never really taken an interest in much before and anything she has taken a small interest in usually only lasts a couple of weeks.  So fingers crossed  this is for her..

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