Monday, 1 February 2010

:new start:

Today this girls have started their new school.  There was lots of excitment about what they were going to do at their new school but there was also lots of anxiety about not knowing what to do.. I must say that is wasn't just the girls who were apprehensive this morning

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almost there.......

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Both Ewan and I were very proud of the way both girls handled themselves this morning.  There were NO tears and big smiles all round..

We have just collected the girls from school and they truely had a fab day..
I hope it lasts!!!!!!!!!
By the way, Kelsi has managed to lose, sorry, misplace her hat on the first day..  Way to go Kels.

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  1. Are the girls carrying Marines backpacks? WHAT have they got in there? A chicken each for shoe and tell?


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