Tuesday, 30 March 2010

:being productive:

Over the last couple of days this is what I have achieved.....

A Dish Cloth inspired by Christie. I can only knit basic things and these are GREAT for beginners.  Great to make as gifts.

New top for Kelsi..

A storage bag for Eryn to hang on the head of her bed for things like books, iPod, DS etc
Pattern from  here

Baking these delicous M&M cookies..

and finally, I made some new cushions for our sofa in the family room..

Eryn had a sleep over at a friends house last night so it was Kelsi's turn to stay home and have special Mum and Dad time.. It was Fish and Chips and the movie Up together.  This morning she requested breakfast on the sofa.....

watching one of her favourite movies

Both the girls loved to watch "Calam" with their Grandad who sadly isn't with us anymore.  I really love  hearing them talk about him all the way through the movie telling me  which parts were his favourite...
I hope they continue to do this for a long time to come..

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  1. The cavorting in the garden looks like a lot of fun. Sorry that I am missing all that. Where are the pictures of your headstands, Tanya.


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