Wednesday, 24 March 2010

:family night:
Last Saturday night we decided that we would all cook dinner together..  After deciding on the menu
::Home made pizza
:: Bacon, tomato and pesto pasta
it was full steam ahead in the kitchen..
Yes Ez does have sunglasses on as she informs me that this stops watery onion eyes when stirring the pan!!!!
Ewan and I were VERY impressed to say the least at the end result.. YUMMY..

Then it was time for dessert..............

These little pastries were delicious and very simlple to make.. 
Aldi  $3.99 for the kit..

and after what seemed like a life time of hanging on by a thread, Kelsi's other front tooth FINALLY came out..
I say FINALLY as it was  driving us all crazy as she couldn't eat or speak properly...

I asked Ez if she could help me out and bring the washing in off the clothes line and this is what I saw out the kitchen window.........

I forgot that she wouldn't be able to reach the line!!!!!

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