Sunday, 21 March 2010


I have seen a few of these around in blogland and thought that I would give it a go..
This is how I did it and I am sure there are lots of better and easier ways out there!!!

Firstly I took a photo of each of the girls' profile with a neutral  background.
Upload image to computer, crop and changed the image to black and white.  I also hit the auto contrast button too which made the image a little clearer around the edges..

Print  the image onto normal printer paper at the size you want.  I printed a 10x15cm image.
 Trace around the outline with a black marker pen.  I traced around the eye lashes too just for some extra detail.

Next is to cut the images out.  I used a small pair of scissors and found it easier to move the paper more than moving the scissors.

Trace around the cut out image onto black card stock using a sharp pencil and cut out the image again..
(I know lots of cutting but I think it's worth it...)
You have almost  finished your silhouette..
I used Ikea RIBBA frames 18x24cm . 

 Mounted the silhouettes onto white card stock with double sided tape then affixed the white card stock to the back of the mounting mat.  Make sure you give the glass a wipe clean (just some advice as I have had to reopen the back of the frames several times to remove dust.  Ah!!!)
All that is left to do is hang and admire....

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