Friday, 9 April 2010

:easter wrap up:

Not only did the Easter Bunny bring eggs, he also brought the girls uncle for a visit..  He has been away in Afghanistan and it is the first time we have seen him since his return....  OHHHHH the girls were very excited (so were we!!)

The day started very early at 5.30am, someone forgot to tell the girls body clock that day light savings had finished, and it was straight into finding eggs..

 and reading a letter from Easter Bunny..
Yes our Easter Bunny had to reply to a letter that Eryn wrote to him.

This is Ewan just loving the early morning easter egg hunt...

After the easter eggs had time to settle it was onto cartwheels and hand stands...

Uncle Shane and Eryn
(click image to enlarge)

Group hand stands...

(click image to enlarge)

then onto head stands with a little help..

Warning:- Do not attempt the following at home....

Double head stand!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thankfully no one was injured in the taking of this photo!

And finally here  is a little Easter Basket I made for my mum inspired from this clever duo

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