Sunday, 27 June 2010


After a couple of frustrating days working out what was wrong with uploading pictures, I can now post photos with ease.... thank god!!!!

We celebrated Ewan's birthday yesterday....

This is the banner that greeted him as he walked into the kitchen.

We have gone a bit crazy for these tissue pom poms in our house at the moment.

Also waiting for him was.......

Ewan also picked up his new motorbike on Friday which he is VERY happy with!!!!

It was then out for dinner

Nanna also came to help celebrate

This morning Ewan got up and cooked himself a very Scottish breakfast complete with...
Square sausage
Black pudding
White pudding

It doesn't look that appealing but he LOVES it..

We had to do the cake this afternoon as we were all too full from dinner last night..

Happy Birthday Ewan.
We hope you enjoyed your day.

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