Wednesday, 2 June 2010


One of our little friends celebrated his 6th birthday last Sunday and his present request was a Hot Wheels thingy that transforms into a monster truck?? (can you tell I have girls only!!!).
It has lots of little bits and as there is also a new puppy in their house, I thought that I would make a little drawstring bag to house all those little bits...

I used printable fabric for the image on the front..

Kelsi is a dog lover and here she is with the puppy "Charlie" at the birthday party..

Look at those "sad" eyes, Kelsi's that is.  She really would love a puppy but her Daddy says "NO NO NO!!! the chickens and rabbit are enough!!!"  I do have to agree with him sometimes but it is very hard to resist those eyes...

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  1. It is not fair,, how come all the other kids get to have a dog??


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