Wednesday, 16 June 2010

:cross country:

It was the girls cross country event at school today. 
First up it was the ribbons for their hair in their house colours..  Of course I couldn't  let them go with JUST ribbons, so I made a hair tie and platted their hair weaving the ribbon....

The girls are in Lawson House and there was lot and lots of cheering going on..

First up was Kelsi and she ran 600m

and yes that ribbons says first...

Then it was Eryn's turn and she ran 800m

and yes that is a third place ribbon!!!

Both girls did an amazing job making me  a VERY proud mum....

A big "WELL DONE" to you both xxx


  1. Holy Moly, well done ladies, excellent work, I am so proud of you both... I can't wait to see you all in a couple of days....YIIPPPPEEEEEE

  2. Didnn't you just KNOW from the beginning that these girls were going to be winners. They can't help themselves. Yee- haaa!


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