Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Last Sunday afternoon, Kelsi went for a play at her friends house so Ez and I spent a couple of hours baking together..
She made lemon slice, chocolate chip cookies and a berry coconut cake.
We had a great afternoon together.

Here are the results of Ez's hard work


We had some extra eggs this week from our girls Peck and Charlotte,

so I decided to give some away.


  1. So cool! We have some chicks here (8 weeks old) and are already hanging out for fresh eggs!

  2. I Want some Lemon Slice... It looks so nice and I haven't had any for soooooo long.....

  3. Hi there Tanya,

    My girls 2 and 5 are great mini-chefs. It would be great if you posted up these recipes.
    Huge thanks


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