Monday, 16 August 2010

:weekend round up:

Our weekend starting by going to my cousins art exhibition which was just amazing..
The girls loved being waitress's.
I think they ate more chocolates than they handed out.

Saturday Kelsi wasn't feeling that well so we stayed home and Ewan put our new wardrobes in.

The girls loved playing with the boxes making tunnels and cubby houses down the hallway.

At school this term the girls have been learning about China.  One of their learning groups was to cook Fried Rice.  They asked if they could cook for us on Sunday night..
So, with all their ingredients out on the bench, they started cooking.

These lettuce knives are fantastic for the girls to chop with.

It was such a beautiful dish.. They did a fantastic job.
  Nanna was here for a visit and even got to take some home for her dinner.

And we now know why this little Miss has not been feeling very well.....

Yes she has Chicken Pox!!!!
(we had to photoshop the spots as she wont let me take her photo which I totally understand!!)
Looks like we will be having a quiet week.

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