Tuesday, 14 September 2010

:birthday bag:

Kelsi requested a new bag for her homemade birthday gift.  She was very specific in what she wanted.
She wanted  to wear it across her body for when she is shopping, have puppy dogs on it, and have a flap on the front to close it..
Mmmmmmm. I think I have created a monster!!!!

Thankfully it met her criteria and she was very happy.


  1. It looks great. You've done a great job, glad it passed the test. She looks like she loves it.:)

  2. the pretty birthday girl must have been so happy !
    i love the little heart appliqué, such a lovely touch !

  3. This one is absolutely gorgeous!
    I really want to start sewing but haven't done anything about it. She looks happy for her new bag!

    Thank you so much for your time give a comment on my blog post.



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