Monday, 6 September 2010

:birthday sleepover :

Kelsi is celebrating her 7th birthday on Sunday and we were having a sleepover party for her next Friday (giving me more than a week to get myself organised) but  her very best friend in the whole wide world was going away on holidays this Wednesday so we had to bring the party forward to Friday just gone, giving me only  1.5 days to get organised........
So we decided that she could invite 2 friends, they could do a craft, watch a movie and hopefully go to sleep before ME!!!
I had great plans of making them all matching P.J's but ran out of time so settled on white t-shirts from Kmart , $4 each and this fantastic download from lilblueboo onto transfer paper.

Here is the party girl ready to go..

The craft of choice was painting a canvas, tracing a butterfly template onto it, painting the traced  butterfly white, apply a layer of glue over white painted area of the butterfly and then sprinkle with glitter. 
The girls loved this.

It was then onto eating, cake and movie watching..

Look at those wishes being made

The next morning was pancakes for breakfast and LOTS of little girl playing.

This is Kels at 1.30pm on the Saturday afternoon 15 mins before she had to attend another little girls party.

All partied OUT!!

:fathers day:

It was a very quiet Fathers Day here.
Presents in the morning.

Occupying oneself with wrapping paper.

and a drive in the afternoon.

Happy Fathers Day Ewan xx


  1. Really a fun and creative party for the girls! Best/Eva

  2. oh what a fine display!
    i enjoy the rather dee-lite-ful pictures your splendid blog!
    keep up the wonderful posts!

  3. Oh I want to be 7 again!! What a fun time :-) Lovely pic of Daddy and his Girl :-) Love the rainbow too!


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