Thursday, 9 September 2010

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Yesterday I made a new lunch bag for Eryn..

I  decided to use some protective plastic table cloth fabric from Spotlight.
The girls have fridges in their classrooms where they store their lunch so there was no need to insulate it.
I am not sure how it will wear as I can only wipe the outside but it will do the job for now.
I think I might try and get some oil cloth as I think that would wear a lot better.

I put a handle on it so the girls can slip it over their wrist keeping their hands free to carry in the million of things they need to take from their lockers into their classroom
It was a hit with the girls so today I am off to make another one for Kels.

Check out  kootoyoo for more inspiring people. 


  1. gorgeous! loving those polka dots and the colours together.

  2. I love the lunch bag. I was just reading yesterday & they were talking about school lunches and I started to think I need a lunch bag now!

  3. I can see why it's a hit with the girls. Very nice!

  4. That's fantastic! I'm inspired - wish I knew how to sew effectively! It looks wonderful ;)

  5. Looks great. Should make my kids some of those.

  6. This is easily my favourite colour combination. She'll be the envy of the school every single little lunch!!

    What a fresh, lovely blog you have going here. x


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