Monday, 27 September 2010

:school holidays:

The first week of the school holidays are over and not much crafting going on. 
We are all still getting over all the sickness and just relaxing as much as possible.
Some of the things that have been happening around here are:

: revamping some costumes for the aerobics team at school :

: out for breakfast with friends:

:making a start on a dress for me for a wedding we have in a couple of weeks:

No pattern just going off the style of another dress that I have. 
Never done this before so wish me luck!

 :trips to the dentist:

happy that she is not sitting in the dentist chair

:Whipping up a new pair of PJ pants for Kelsi the afternoon of her going to a sleepover party after having realised that she has grown and is wearing ankle freezers! :

one op shopped doona cover

to new PJ's



:Learning to finger knit:

which the girls are finding really relaxing to do before they go to sleep.
There has also been laying outside and just enjoying the sun that has finally come to Melbourne..
Hopefully I will be back on track with blogging regularly after the holidays..

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  1. dentist one is a classic.. that one is going on the 21st board


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