Sunday, 19 December 2010

:bedside tables:

I have been on the hunt for some bedside tables for the master bedroom for a while and was having trouble a) finding ones I liked b) in our price range and c)ones that sort of matched our existing bed timber colour.
I stumbled across this blog  aubreyandlindsay where they have done some fantastically amazing DIY project.  One of their project involved re vamping some cheap Ikea cabinets.

I admit there was nothing creative from me regarding these bedside tables as I pretty much have copied what they did since they did it so fantastically.

So using 2 of these at $49.99 each
6 packets of these knobs total $30.00

Some painting from Ewan and Ez
Paint and stain we already had total $0.00

End result

I am more than happy with how they turned out.
Total cost $65.00 each.

I didn't have much to do with this project.  It was all Ewan's doing (thank you).
However, I did go to Ikea and get the cabinets  :-)

The cushion on the bed is from a vintage sheet find for $2.00 at the op shop (I have cheated for the photo and just wrapped it around an existing cushion as I haven't got around to making it yet!)

There has also been some secret Christmas sewing so photos to come later (little eyes love looking at the blog).


  1. The bedside tables look great and so does the "not quite finished yet" cushion... love that fabric!


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