Sunday, 5 December 2010

:saturday in the city:

At this festive time of the year, a trip into the city is a must to see the Myers Christmas windows.

But firstly it was a quick (I'm not sure that is entirely true, but you know how it is) trip to Ikea as we needed some new knobs for our bedside tables that we have been working on (photo's to come) and some other bits and pieces. 
I went for a wander through the food section and came across this.....

A ginger bread house where all we have to do is make the royal icing and decorate.
The girls were very excited as they have already started their school holidays and this will be the perfect way to fill in some time.
Then we founds these...

Just perfect for a Christmas pasta salad

After Ikea it was off to China town for some  Yum Cha 

     The girls did try different things but they were happy when the spring rolls came out!!

Then off to Myers

They were really lovely and both the girls really enjoyed them as did we.

We did also go into Santaland, for a short time only and we also made our way to the Casino for their Christmas display. 
Chocolates bought from Haighs, sandals for the both girls, trip into Lincraft and we were finished.
It was a great day, we left home at 10am and returned at 9pm..
Everyone had sore feet but worth every bit of it.


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