Thursday, 24 February 2011

Kelsi bedroom

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Kelsi has decided that her room was in need of a makeover.
Lucky it was hard rubbish in our area last week!
I found a cute little desk at the op shop (photos to come tomorrow) that has had a makeover.
I found a chair in hard rubbish (makeover still in the progress)
Hopefully by the weekend there will be more to show but for today it's all about cute storage.
 I was wanting some little storage containers for the top of the desk and came across these little beauties and the best part is they were 50% off.

They were in need of something and since Kels has requested the colour combo of pink and green, this is what they finished up like

Just some ribbon, hot glue gun and scrapbook embellishments..

Why not head on over to kootoyoo and take a look


  1. Very cute! I love up-cycling preloved goodies, look forward to seeing the makeover!

  2. Very Pretty boxes. I have a little girl who would love those! Stopping by from Creative Space.

  3. Those are super cute organizers. What a great idea!

  4. They look great! Pretty storage - I like :)

  5. Very effective! Your daughter is very lucky to have a creative Mum!

  6. That's such a great way of making simple plastic boxes look fabulous! I would love a set of those myself!!

  7. so swish, they look brilliant. can't wait to see the reworked room

  8. Nice work, they look great. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your make over.

  9. Oh yes, the storage is so pretty!! Eva

  10. Don't you just love glue guns! What a lucky girl to have such a clever mum.
    Have a super weekend.

  11. Very clever idea, they look fabulous.

  12. Beautiful and classy. Love them.


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