Thursday, 24 March 2011

9th party part 1 crochet head band

:my creative space:
{party part1}
The hook and yarn are out again.

Simple crochet flowers on headbands that are being placed into party bags for some special little girls who are helping Eryn celebrate her 9th birthday on Saturday.

Eryn likes the grey flower

and Kels likes the red flower

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  1. Very cute headbands! Hope Eryn has a great 9th birthday on Saturday. My little miss turns 3 on Sunday, I can't belive how fast she is growing!

  2. Gorgeous! The girls at the party will be stoked!!!

    I love how when someone starts doing something, others get in on the band wagon and it becomes a trend. :)

  3. Nice! those flowers look really good on the headbands. Funny, cuz my goal of the week was to find a good flower crochet pattern for ponytail holders.

  4. They look lovely! Love the striped shirt too - great job.

  5. They are gorgeous! I so gotta learn to crochet.

  6. They look great, I had better not show them to my daughter she will want me to learn how to make them.

  7. Those are great party gifts - the girls will love them!

  8. Lovely headbands and a lovely model!

  9. so sweet. i've crocheted similar flowers to make brooches in the past. just might give a headband a go this afternoon.

    loved seeing your verge side restorations too.

    doubly inspired.



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