Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Sunday

:easter sunday:
{warning! long post ramble and fuzzy photos}

The day started early with the girls egg hunting at 6am.
Soon after that the consumption of chocolate eggs for breakfast started and continued until the girls started to feel sick and stopped.

It was decided that we would go out for the day and we agreed on going to Docklands to see the Dinosaurs Alive exhibition.

The girls really enjoyed it but I must say it was a little on the expensive side in my opinion.

We also just happened to walk past the Typo shop and JUST HAD TO GO IN.

I think I am creating little shopping mini me's as these types of shops are also high on the girls favourite list (not Ewan's I might add)
After several ooohs and aaahs and I want that and that and that and that (from girls and myself, Ewan still not seeing the light and not understanding why you need to buy more notebooks and pens god love him) we purchased a couple of items and left (never seen Ewan more happy, Oh sorry yes, I have, it was Saturday when I finally picked the right paint colour, more about that tomorrow).

{bookends for the girls shelves}

There was more walking, lunch, ice creams, cuddles, talking, holding hands and just plain old enjoying family time together.

and to end it off it was on to the movies to see Rio.
I don't think I could have asked for a better Easter Sunday!

Finally to all the diggers out there past and present you are in our thoughts today.


  1. great photos Tan,

    looks like you all had a great time in the city..

    makes me homesick!!!

  2. Thanks for taking us on the tour with you - great photos! 6am... well, chocolate calls some of us (me included) at all sorts of hours of the day! lol.
    I get the note book thing - and my hubby would be like Ewan! LOL I think it's a girl thing...
    Have a great weekend.
    S xxx

  3. dont you think your daughters are a little exposed to the internet? im not a blogger or anything but i was wondering if there were privacy settings so that they wont grow up knowing that anything you post, anyone can see. im not being rude or anything, i just think that my kids would be a little uncomfortable if i was the one posting, just making a suggestion


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