Sunday, 31 July 2011

my birthday

:birthday present:

Last Wednesday was my birthday.

Look what I got.....

Her name is Jenny and isn't she a beauty!
Now to find that 'just right basket' for her.
Happy pedaling everyone.


  1. Happy birthday for last week! I like your new bike, very pretty. I can see a lovely basket sitting right on the front looking at home on Jenny. Enjoy your birthday present.

  2. Tres cool Tanya! Love the design, the colour, the everything!!! I just wish it lived at my place (I that there was somewhere decent to ride her around here!!!). Hope you have many fabulous hours riding and making memories. :)

  3. wow, gorgeous! I so love these types of bikes, alas, don't think I can tear myself away from the machine! Maybe when it gets warmer....

  4. Love! I saw a pattern for a bike basket somewhere, sorry cant remember where.


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