Tuesday, 5 July 2011


:play dough:

 At 9 and almost 8 years old, the girls still love to make and play with play dough!

and look at the lovely chocolate display I get to buy and taste from!

For those who are interested our recipe for play dough is off the back of the Cream of Tartar container.  I have always made it from this recipe and it last for months and months.  I just store it in zip lock bags.

2 cups of plain flour
4 tabs Cream of Tartar
2 tabs cooking oil
1 cup salt
food colouring
2 cups of water

Mix ingredients in a saucepan and stir over med heat until mixture congeals.

Once congealed, we take the mixture out and knead it for a bit. Then we make 4 equal balls and  knead the food colouring into it.


  1. Adorable - see, when the 'older' kids get stuck into things like playdough, the result is a sophisticated chocolate shop! I'm still working through the random blobs posing at assorted animals!! x

  2. Did.you know? You can just add boiling water and dont have to cook.it. Soooo much easier, and seems to work fine. Sorry about all rhe comments but I just discovered your blog and there is just so much great stuff but also really down to earth.


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