Thursday, 4 August 2011

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:our creative space:

Yesterday I showed you a sneak peak at some fabric that I was screen printing.

It all started with this old pin board that I found in the cupboard.

Yes that is the shadow of a chicken.
It's very hard to take photos outside without the chickens coming for a look.

I then cut out a stencil from paper for my screen.

and away I went.

It was looking a little plain so I cut another stencil and printed the new smaller design using a blue/grey colour to fill in the spaces.

I sprayed the frame white and then just covered the pin board with its new fabric.

It's perfect for the end of my sewing table to pin all those bits and pieces of inspiration..
I love this postcard that my Mother In Law sent the girls of The Partick Steamie in 1955.
It's an old public laundry in Scotland.
She tells them that this laundry was where all the mums used to go to do their families washing.
I think it may have been their weekly social outing too by the look of it.

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  1. What gorgeous bright sunny fabric! Great job! and a neat postcard too! I love old black and white ones - they really do tell a story!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. it's lovely, love your gorgeous printed fabric. the postcard is fantastic too

  3. Love it. Great idea. I love that your chook had to come and check out what was going on. :)

  4. That is gorgeous!! I am needing some new cushion covers and you have just given me the idea of printing my own fabric..thanks :)

  5. Oh it looks great! I haven't tried my hand at screen printing since high school but will definitely have to give it another go! :)

  6. What a groovey postcard. And I love the fabric with the blue additions. I imagine with a few more items on it, it will look even more amazing! Great Job Tan!

  7. I haven'tthought about printing my own fabric since highschool, thanks for reminding me how awesome it can be. Yours is so lovely and bright.

    Miss Kitten


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