Tuesday, 16 August 2011

op shop

:latest finds:

The girls had a curriculum day yesterday so we went to visit my mum which also means a trip to the op shop.
I love country town op shops. 
There is always a bargain to be had.

New top for one of the girls...

This little table is in need of a make over but I think it will come up beautiful.

Enjoy your Tuesday


  1. Looks like you are in for a bit of revamping fun! :) Can't wait to see how the table turns out and what you do with the purse frames

  2. How cute is that brekky tray/table...it will look fab done up.
    Love the vintage sheets too.


  3. These are great finds Tanya. I seriously love finding vintage fabrics and your selection are lovely. Great find with the purse frames too, they can be very expensive to buy new. Have fun creating. x

  4. I have that same tray table :-)


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