Monday, 12 September 2011



Today Kelsi turned 8..

I really can't believe how the years have just flown by!

Friday night she had a little party and requested 'ghost cakes' which I made.

Off to school she went this morning with her Oreo Pops to share with her class mates.

And to finish the day off, a little party with just us and Nanna.

Happy Birthday our gorgeous girl. 
Your sense of humour makes us laugh each and every day.
We are glad you are ours xx


  1. Happy birthday! My little is 8 in December, they both like Littlest pet Shop! Hear's to having great girls!

  2. Happy 8th birthday to your gorgeous girl. I hope she had a wonderful time celebrating with her friends, I bet those Oreo pops were a hit, they look great Tanya. xo

  3. Oh isn't she just adorable and a big eight year old to boot.
    Oreo pops always go down a treat :)

    Happy Birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday Kels! :D
    Love the oreo pops (did you get the sticks from Sparties?... I think you need to put up the recipe! ;) Tee hee hee)
    And what precision that number 8 is!!! You phenominal woman Tan.
    Truth is, they grow up so quickly, don't they?

  5. Happy Birthday to a happy girl! What wonderful sweets to celebrate! I hope you enjoyed the day with her.

  6. Yay Happy 8th birthday Kels all the cakes look yummy you have got my tummy rumbling now hee hee What a great mum :) x


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