Wednesday, 7 September 2011

how do you clean your sink?

:clean kitchen sink:

How do you clean your kitchen sink??
Since it is Spring, I thought I would give our kitchen sink a good clean.

First I put the plug in the sinks and add a good splash (about 1/2cup) of Domestos into each sink.

Fill the sinks to the top with hot water.

Let water and domestos sit for about an hour.

Drain and rinse well.

Nothing beats a clean sparkling kitchen sink.

I hope you are having a great Wednesday.


  1. Actually, I've never really thought about giving it a proper clean.. BUT I do adore that little sponge holder that you have!!

  2. White vinegar and bicarb are the extend of my cleaning products and they do make stainless steel sparkle and shine :)


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