Wednesday, 5 October 2011

DIY tripod lamp


We had this old tripod that couldn’t be used as it was missing a vital part.

I had thrown it in the bin, but it was bothering me that I had just thrown it away.
There must be a use for it!!!!!!!
So off to the bin I went and reclaimed it.

We also had an old Barbie lamp that didn’t sell at our garage sale, so Ewan smashed  it  open and got the lamp fixture out of it.

We  pulled the whole top piece of the tripod apart so as Ewan could drill down through the top to place the lamp fixture into it.

Once we finally had the whole thing straight, we put the tripod back together and placed a new shade on it.



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  1. It's awesome! Such a great idea.

  2. Fantastic!! And now I'm kicking myself I didn't pick up an old tripod I saw being tossed out the other day.

  3. How COOL! Love the look of the finished lamp - and good for you reusing things instead of throwing them out!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! You better believe I'm going to be always looking for an old tripod from now on...

  5. SWOON - I love it!!! What a marvellous idea!

  6. Oh My Goodness - this looks really amazing! Such a very cool idea.

  7. Now that is recycling. AwEsOmE !!!!!

  8. That is sooooo freaking cool!!! Love it and I think it's fair to say we'll all be on the look out for discarded tripods now :)

  9. Tanya, this is SERIOUSLY AWESOME!!! I have an old tripod (Aluminium though)... I have been wondering what I should do with it. LOL I bet my Hubby would LOVE a project of that nature! :)
    She xo

  10. Clever cookie!! I love this and the fact you up-cycled it instead of throwing it out. Yay! I would never have thought of that.

  11. That's always what happens to me, I throw it away and then the light bulb (no pun intended:) goes off in my head:) What a totally cool idea! Cyndy

  12. this is sweeeeet! such a creative idea.

  13. What a fabulous idea! So ingenious and creative.

  14. That is such a clever idea! Looks great too :) Thanks for linking to BC Good Life Wednesdays.


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