Tuesday, 4 October 2011

new front door hardware

Our front door handle was looking a little worse for wear to say the least.


So we dismantled  it all and cleaned the parts.


Using one of my favourite spray paints that I also used on this project,

A small tip: I used an old key and placed it in the locks when I was spraying so as not to get paint inside the lock


 I sprayed all the pieces and reassembled them.

Now the door is looking much more inviting.


Nothing beats a before and after shot!

_MG_0181  _MG_0198-1



  1. I like the paint colour! My front door could definitely do with a face lift like that!

  2. Looking good! :) Did you refinish the timber too?

  3. Looks great Tanya good idea with the key I would have not thought of that clever!!! :)


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