Tuesday, 5 February 2013

All is new in 2013

Well it has been a looooooooong time since I have visited this here old blog.    I not even sure I remember how to blog!!!!!  Lets see how it goes…

We have made a sea (well truth be told a country ) change.  This is a decision that was not taken lightly as we had the girls in a school that we were very happy with and it had been a long time since either E or I had lived somewhere other than the “Burbs”.  We were both very used to having everything on our door step and the girls had lived in no other house. 

We knew the town we wanted to live in so the search for a house began..  Nothing was taking our fancy until we come across a cottage in town that was in need of some love.  An extension had been done, so there were the required number of rooms and bathrooms, no shed or garage however (yes E not happy, but that was something that we could rectify).  We went back and forth with our decision, and the vendors accepted another offer.  We sat tight and waited and waited.  The sale fell through and the vendors accepted our offer.  OH NO  this was really all happening.  Doubt about our decision had set in (for me anyway) but there was no turning back..

The race was then on to sell our current house and get settled in our new house for the start of the school year.. 

After a week of cleaning up etc. (thanks Mum for all the help),  We sold our home within 4 days Surprised smile

6 Kinta Close, Berwick, Vic 3806

6 Kinta Close, Berwick, Vic 38066 Kinta Close, Berwick, Vic 3806

6 Kinta Close, Berwick, Vic 3806

6 Kinta Close, Berwick, Vic 3806

6 Kinta Close, Berwick, Vic 3806

6 Kinta Close, Berwick, Vic 3806

To say we were gob smacked is an understatement.

Well, here we are, in our new (oldSmile) cottage, not completely moved in, but here.  The girls are loving walking to and from school (school is about 200m away) and life is already a lot more relaxed.



I will leave you with a peak of “TEEK Cottage” and hopefully be back soon with some photos of the inside.

14 Giles street, Mirboo North, Vic 3871

image from realestate.com.au

image from realestate.com.au


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  1. Well, aren't you full of surprises! I'd wondered where you'd dissappeared to. I've been missing your posts - now I totally understand your absence... you have much better things to do than write posts. Unpacking, perhaps? Must catch up soon!
    Sheree x0x


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