Saturday, 27 February 2010

:blog catch up:

I have been very slack on the blog front this week so here is a bit of what  we have been up to....

: a batch each of chocolate chip cookies

and jam drops

banana cake

all for the freezer for school lunches..

I had been given some money last year for my birthday and christmas and this is what I bought...

I really love it. 
Note to self though, make sure the speed control is facing you so as you don't slide the speed dial to the fastest speed setting resulting in this...

We   I mean Ewan has repainted Eryn's room from a light shade of pink to a neutral colour (sand storm)  as she wanted to have several different colours like watermelon that  really didn't go well with the shade of pink she had.

I have made some tea towels for a friend for her birthday..

and lastly today at little athletics, Kelsi's foot decided to not quite clear the hurdle and she did a face plant onto the grass and  has ended up looking like this...

Lets just hope she attempts hurdles again..
I hope you are all having a great weekend!!

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