Monday, 19 April 2010

:is it broken?????:

Yesterday Ez fell on her wrist when her foot got tangled in some rope.  There were tears but we didn't think that it was anything to worry about.
She had complained about it hurting last night but it wasn't swollen and she could move it ok. 
So today she went to school happy enough but then I got a call this afternoon saying that she was complaining of  it was hurting again.
So after going to to the doctors..
Then to have  x-rays...

back to the doctors to find out that it was only a bad sprain thank god!!!!!

So the doctor decided to put a back slab on (half plaster thingy) to rest the wrist for a couple of days..

then home for some re adjusting from Dad...

and now all is ok....
Thank god there was nothing seriously wrong with her wrist.

 Now for Kelsi............
 She has been suffering from a cold over the last week or so and her nose was running constantly..  You know, the annoying nose that stops you from falling asleep!!  Well this is how she fixed her little dilemma..

Well it worked! She is fast asleep!!.

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