Friday, 23 April 2010

:we love parcels:

This parcel was addressed to all the girls in our house!!! 
I love love love what arrived for me.

Vintage linens and lace trims..

Some wonderful and different trims.  Some are all the way from Cyprus!!

Thanks Cath :-)  I love these types of parcels XXXX

There will be photos tomorrow of the girls and what they got..


I have been toying with the idea of whether or not to do a market?..  2 weeks ago a local handmade market started in our area and the girls and I went to check it out..  There weren't many stalls and nothing much of what I was wanting to sell (which is good) but there were potential customers coming and going.
There is always that doubt in my mind whether my stuff is good enough to sell..  I think I have to remember that IT IS HANDMADE and not completely 100% perfect!!! I guess I will never know until I give it a go..
So, I have 2 weeks to whip up some stock and I have started with these.....

Pencil rolls. 

My girls love theirs and use them all the time so I am thinking this is a good start

Of course these are the girl version.
I have made these slightly different from the ones I made Eryn and Kelsi..  These ones have velcro closures making it easier for little fingers.
Tomorrow hopefully I will finish the boy version..

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