Saturday, 1 May 2010

:one of those weeks:

It really has been one of those weeks where the time flew!!!
Eryn had a dental appt and I am sooo proud of her.  She is really frightened of going to the dentist and she had to get a big filling done which actually ended up with her having some nerve treatment as the tooth was worse than originally thought.  She was soooo brave. She did have the happy gas and that was hilarious to say the least..  She didn't feel anything and she was VERY relaxed.  She later told me that when the dentist told her to close her eyes, she felt like she was spinning.  I then proceded to tell her that that is the feeling you get when you are drunk and she then vowed and declared that she was NEVER going to get drunk!!!!!!  Oh how I wish this were true :-).  I don't have any photos as I left the camera at home.
Next it was both girls to the optometrist..  Kels now needs glasses and is very excited at the prospect.  We don't pick them up until next Thursday so no doubt there will be a photo shoot then.
I had a wonderful massage from here.  It was just what the doctor ordered...
There was also helping at school, and the usual washing, cleaning, cooking, shopping etc etc you know the stuff that Mum's do.
Hopefully this week will be a little more organised and not so hetic..

As Ewan is still doing his course on Saturdays, the girls and I walked to the shop and stopped off at the park on the way home.
A couple of hours filled in with no fights!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  1. Lovely pics! Looking forward to meeting you next week at the Show! Nic


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