Tuesday, 27 April 2010

:long weekend:

We didn't do much on the long weekend  but here is some of what we did get up to...

The girls played play dough and made me a birthday cake, candles and all (no its not my birthday)

other play dough creations

Eryn and Ewan mowed the lawns..

Kelsi lost ANOTHER tooth.  It was a little loose but she jumped onto the couch and her knee hit her tooth and knocked it clean out..

She is now missing both her front teeth and one to the left of them.. 3 front teeth in total.  I think it will be porridge and soup for her this week!!!!!

One of our friends son has started football and needed a bag to put his footy boots in after the game (not only to stop dirty boots flying around in his sport bag but also so he doesn't lose them) so I made him a St Kilda drawstring bag. 

I am thinking about making some of these for the market..
I hope you all had a great weekend too.

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