Tuesday, 1 February 2011

op shop finds

:op shop:

More op shop finds..

New plates, not all the same brand but you would never know.
 Also some little plates that are perfect for afternoon teas..

Vintage sheet and tablecloth.

A few crochet hooks

and finally a new filing cabinet that is going to have a new paint job and new handles..

It's a hot day here in Melbourne so stay cool everyone.


  1. Ooh, lovely plates! I have some lovely ones too I got at the oppy, I prefer mismatched now, and don't like the full set approach haha. And I lurve the top sheet, with the purple in it, yum! Good luck with the sanding, I have 2 projects I've got to sand and paint- they stand untouched, but used. Gotta get the right weather for that, I think!
    Stay cool.

  2. wow, you really scooped the pool. some serious oppie envy over here. i love that filling cabinet, cant wait to see it made over

  3. Love that old filing cabinet. That was a great find!

  4. Nice. Look forward to seeing how the revamp goes!


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