Thursday, 9 June 2011

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Last week I showed a sneak peak at what I was sewing and painting.
Well, now  the wall is painted and the doona cover is sewn..

I had seen a doona cover in Freedom for $120.00 that I really wanted and started to think that "I could make that!"

I remembered that I had a white sheet set that I never used in the cupboard (both flat sheets). 

I first laid the sheet out.

I then drew lines across the sheet where I wanted the gathers to be.

Using elastic thread it was  sew sew sew.....

Once the sewing was complete, I sprayed the elastic thread with water, ironed it which shrinks the elastic thread giving it a more gathered look.

To make it into the cover I just put the two sheets right sides together and sewed around the edges leaving the bottom open.
 I just used some snaps to close the bottom.

I also made a cushion for a little pop of colour.

NB: the sheets I used were larger than a queen size.  You may have to join two queen sheets together to get the width of the bed as the gathering "shrinks the size" if that makes sense.

Freedom cover $120 mine $0
All from my stash.

The room is not finished yet but well on the way.


  1. That is a brilliant job! The tip about ironing the elastic is excellent. I love that 'gathered' look. Your room is looking so serene. x

  2. wow!! that is gorgeous!! the room looks amazing

  3. Thats a fab idea...looks awesome!!!
    I made a doona cover a couple of weeks ago out of my stash and it is now my favourite.

  4. clever clever, very thrifty and love the yellow pop

  5. Wow, your doona cover is lovely! And the pillow too. Amazing how something so simply can add to s room. Cyndy

  6. That looks brilliant! Excellent job and very inspiring.

  7. That looks Fantastic Tan! You always put 100% effort into your rooms and they come up looking a million bucks. You are a style queen.
    S xxx
    P.S. What does Ewan think of the cushion? :) (I'm thinking of gathering ammo to do over our room! LOL)

  8. This is just what I am after! I have had my eye on a few really expensive covers that I have wanted to try to replicate but this not only looks great but sounds super easy :)

    I also love the pop of yellow on your's the colour I am drawn to at the moment.


  9. Great work ...they are they best projects ...something from the stash and to have it turn out so beautifully.

  10. Such a lovely cover! I'm new here and I'm off to explore. I'm sending you some sunshine soon.
    xo Jana


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