Tuesday, 14 June 2011


:new top for the disco:

This cheeky monkey has been invited to a school disco with her BFF!

She requested a new top

with frills

she picked her own fabric

the fabric I tried to talk her out of because I didn't really like it

but she stuck to her disco ball guns

and it was perfect.

For the perfect top a girl needs the perfect hair clip 

and when at a disco and everything is perfect, one always needs to be prepared.

to get those dancing feet groovin'

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  1. Gorgeous! They get so excited about such thngs, don't they? And she must feels so special in a new outfit for it. Great job Mum !

  2. That is totally cool! Go Kelsie! She looks amazing. Hope she has a load of fun :)

  3. Cute outfit, she looks adorable in it! Thanks for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  4. It is perfect and I'm sure her dance card will be filled in a flash.

  5. gorgeous little top. love the frill

  6. great choice of fabric i say. terrific job on the top and gorgeous photos

  7. Nice work with the trim. I need an adult one to twirl around in.

  8. Super cute Tanya. She looks gorgeous.

  9. Just perfect! My eldest chicken has just six but I can see this in our not to distant future. : )

  10. Hah, I totally would have picked that fabric, too! It's gorgeous! And I love the frills, especially on the sleeves. Such a great job! I hope she has lots of fun dancing :o)


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