Thursday, 16 February 2012

bedhead to photo display

Hello all!!! 
Finally a blog post I hear you all say!!!
This is a project I did a while back and I am still loving how it turned out.


First I started with the purchase of the bed ends form the op shop for $14.


We used the head part (the bigger one) for this project.
The inside piece of the headboard is recessed which means we can place a piece of glass into it with no effort.
We  marked and cut off the legs

Picnik collage

Took the hammer to the capping on the top
and gave it a quick sand.
The back of the headboard was now going to be where I stick the photos as it is the smoothest surface.
I then stained the whole thing with my new favourite colour.
Cabot’s Indian Tea


Then it was just a matter of measuring the headboard and working out the size and amount of photos I would need.
I wanted all the photos square so I went with 4x4 inches and I need 36 photos in total giving me 4 rows of 8.
I just had them printed at Harvey Norman and the girls there are very helpful and showed me how to print the 4x4 size on normal 6x4 prints as this is the cheapest option.


 I cut all the photos down and used double sided tape to stick them down with.
I had a piece of 4mm glass cut to fit, placed it slowly and carefully on top of the photos.
To hold the glass in we just used some brass brackets that Ewan cut down to fit.


This baby is quite heavy so some heavy duty wall hanging hooks were needed.


Once hung, stand back and admire.





An unique photo display that I can change up whenever I like.
I am thinking this is great for a theme like
Photos of the person who’s birthday it is that month.
Past Christmas Photos
Family holiday.
I am sure the list is endless.
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  1. Totally awesome, what a brilliant repurpose & so stunningly executed too, love Posie

  2. That's cool Tan! You have some really artistic photos in there (butterfly, feet, silhouette, spunky swim bottoms, etc.) Love the stain you used SO much more than what was origionally used! Job well done. :)

  3. Wow - that's amazing. What a fab idea :-)

  4. What a clever re-use! Now, I'm thinking I need to visit and a couple of yard sales this weekend and some thrift stores.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love it you clever girl lovely to see a post your just as bad as me tee hee.


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