Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Crate storage

Good morning all.

Hope you are all enjoying your pancakes today for Shrove Tuesday.

I have another recycle project for you today.


A friend of ours gave us an old crate which looked like this.


Yes, it was in need of a little love and attention.

I thought about what to do with it for a while and then it came to me  that it would make great storage for the lounge room to hold extra blankets and cushions.

It got a good sanding to take all the rough patches off. 

There were also some nails poking out here and there so Ewan took the grinder to them.

Picnik collage 1

It needed a piece of board put across the bottom as I thought the gap was too big and to also give it a more  finished off look.


Next,  time to stain it all.


I wanted to be able to move the storage crate around easily, so we found some old castors that used to belong to my Dad.

They were a perfect fit.

Picnik collage

I wanted a plaque on the front of it so I made a simple one using our initials TEEK and the year that our little family was complete.


There you have it,  an old crate that was going to be broken down and thrown away, recycled  into a storage crate.



Enjoy your day all and I will be back tomorrow to show you how easy it is to make that little plaque with no fancy smancy cutting machines.


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  1. Now that is fab Tanya I really love it can I have 1 hee x

  2. Ooohh. Make me one! ;) I wondered what you had been up to. Looking forward to the follow up post. And now reality has set in and I'd better go and hang another load of washing.
    Later! S xo

  3. This looks fantastic. A great use for an old crate - love the castors too. xx

  4. It looks great Tanya. I really like the coloured stain you used and your Dad's castors suit it just beautifully. x

  5. Lovely work! What handy storage.

  6. It's utterly fantastic! What a wonderful job you have done. I'd be sending these pics to Design Sponge! :)

  7. This is great! I would love to make one to store under our coffee table for toys (dog)!


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