Wednesday, 22 February 2012

storage crate plaque

Morning all Smile

Following up from yesterdays post on my new crate storage, not every one is lucky enough to own a fancy smancy silhouette machine that can cut out stencils for you in no time flat. 

Don’t get me wrong, I would loooove to own one.

But for now though, it’s the old fashion way of doing things.

So onto making the plaque.


Using a scrap piece of ply, I traced around a plate that was the size that I was after.

Measured the centre and marked where the screw holes would go to attach it to the crate.


Cut the shape out with a jig saw and sanded the edges..

I then printed up on the computer the words  in the size that I wanted.

(This is where a silhouette machine would come in very handy)Winking smile

Before you cut anything out,  turn the paper that you have just printed on over and go over the back of the letters in a crayon.  Chalk works well too.

Picnik collage 12

Cut out your letters and arrange them on the plaque, fixing them with a little  tape to stop them from moving.

Once you are happy with the placement, take a pen and trace over the letters.

Picnik collage13

The letter should trace onto the ply wood.

I then just used a sharpie to outline and to colour in the text.

Picnik collage-3

You can use a paint pen or fine paint brush whatever you have.

Using my favourite stain that I used here,  I just stained straight over the top.


Attached the plaque and Bob’s your uncle!!!!





  1. Thanks for the how-to. I love the way that stain makes it have a kind of weathered, vintage look.

  2. love that nice 1 :) I might have a go at making one for Calico Child if okay with you? x


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