Friday, 20 May 2011

Powder room part 2

:powder room:
{part 2}

The window in the powder room needed a little attention.
First we took the fly screen off

 and ripped out the old mesh.

 Ewan primed the screen with our favourite primer and gave it 3 coats of white spray paint.

We then added some new mesh and ended up with a much fresher looking fly screen.

The window glass I had frosted a few years ago and had done a little stencil effect that I wanted to get rid of.

I still had the can of frosting  so I just sprayed enough coats to cover the shapes.

I really didn't want to send much money on a blind as it is really just for looks, so when I was in Spotlight I found what I was looking for for just $15.  Bargain!!!!

So here is the before of window....

and after looking much fresher.....

Tomorrow the ugly mirror.

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