Friday, 17 June 2011

master bedroom lamp revamp

:lamp revamp:

I am still working on the Master bedroom finishing off on some little details.

Here's what the bedside lamps look like before..

Nothing wrong with them, in fact I really love them, but I thought that a little burst of colour would just finish them off..

I started with piece of yellow fabric, the same fabric I used in this cushion for the bed

I cut a piece about 1" wide x 34" long and tied a knot in one end

Start twisting and turning the fabric to get the shape of the flower.

Add a drop of glue as you go to keep it all in place.

Leave a little bit of fabric at the end to fold to the back and glue it in place.

I used some sticky Velcro dots to attach the flower to the lamp shade

One on the back of the flower and the other on the lamp shade

As it is only sticky Velcro dots that I have attached the flower with, when I get bored with the yellow I  can swap them out.

Maybe something more glamorous???

or maybe even the flower in the middle??

But for now I am sticking with the yellow as it is slowly becoming my bit of "happiness" colour on these cold dark Melbourne days.. 




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  1. That little pop of yellow sets your lamp off nicely...LOVE it!!

    Yellow is my happy colour at the moment too :)



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